Big Kahuna Online Pokie

Big Kahuna pokie is one of the most exciting of the hundreds of Microgaming online pokies for NZ. It artfully combines a holiday retreat at a warm south sea island with unparalleled heroism on the part of one of the holiday seekers!

Euro Palace

Royal Vegas

$1200 Welcome Bonus

Euro Palace

Platinum Play

$800 Welcome Bonus

A Hero in the Making

You are on a holiday like no other. The Islanders spoil you by providing you with your every wish. They bring you basket after basket of the most delicious tropical fruits you have ever tasted: kiwi fruit, oranges, pineapple, lychee, watermelon, and raspberry. In the regular game, the six fruits make your mouth water but in the Volcano Bonus round, another trio of fruits are the difference between heroism and utter destruction! But beware not is all as it seems on this peaceful island.

Scatter Symbol

The toothy monkey acts as the Scatter symbol. In most pokies, the Scatter Symbol takes you to the free spins bonus round. In Big Kahuna, the Scatter wins in all positions. You get to the two bonus rounds by other means!

Hizzoner the Chief

The Chief makes his rounds, making sure that all is well on the island. During the regular game, the Chief appears quite calm until you get three or more volcanos. Then you go to the Volcano Bonus. The Chief now becomes downright serious. He reveals a secret that has been passed on from Chief to Chief for many generations. During the Volcano Bonus, the Chief appears more concerned than his native subjects have seen him in many years!

Master Wood Carvers

The natives are not only masters at hospitality; they are also master artists. Their forte is wood carving and the symbol they carve most often is a mask. Later we will explain further the importance of the masks as they lead you to the Mask Bonus.

Wild Wild

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild Symbol. Wins with the Wild are multiplied 3x. If you get five Wild Symbols, you win a big $8000 bonus which is multiplied by the number of coins you wagered on the winning line. In this way, a maximum wager on the winning line with five Wilds earns you a cool $40,000 bonus!

Volcano Bonus

When you get three or more volcanos, you go quickly to the Volcano Bonus. The volcano changes its appearance dramatically. In the regular game, the volcano is majestic and calm.

In the Volcano Bonus, the volcano has a massive thunderstorm raging above it. The Chief appears and explains that island legend has an apocryphal tale about the volcano. When the volcano appears ready to erupt, thus destroying the wonderful tropical culture the natives have developed, a holiday seeker must heroically save the island by calmly calming the volcano. The vacationer does so by offering a fruit to the volcano.

The Chief explains that you have been chosen to save the island. Three highly-decorated fruits await your decision. The volcano is about to explode! Finally, you choose a fruit to sacrifice to the volcano and it quiets down! You are a hero!

Now You Get It

When you return to your holiday with yet another basket of fruit at your side, you suddenly realize that whichever fruit you had chosen to calm the volcano would have done the trick!

Now you hope to return to the Volcano Bonus many more times!

Mask Bonus

When three or more masks come up, you go to the mask bonus. There are eight beautifully carved masks on display. At first, you think that these gorgeous masks belong in a museum!

Then you realize that mask carving is the Islanders’ great artistic skill. They want to give you a few masks as souvenirs. Behind each mask is either a cash amount or the word “collect”. You choose masks until you choose one with “collect”.

If you are unlucky and choose “collect” before you win any cash in the Mask Bonus, the Islanders will give you a nice consolation prize.

How to Become a Big Kahuna

It is easy to become a Big Kahuna in your own right. Sign up to play at an online casino featuring Microgaming pokies. When you get to the Volcano Bonus, you will experience the thrill of saving the island from utter destruction and a Big Kahuna you shall be!