Guide to Progressive Pokies Online

Progressive pokies take everything you know and love about these games and combine them with the chance to win the kind of payout all gamblers dream of. Every person enjoying the game has an equal chance of taking the shared pot, and each time anyone anywhere starts playing, the win amount gets a little bit bigger. Because networks include players from all over the world, these prizes swell up quickly, and getting your hands on them is as simple as having luck on your side!

How They Work

The jackpots get bigger every time someone places a real money bet, with a small percentage of each bet contributing to the overall prize. Usually you’ll have to have the maximum wager in place in order to be eligible, and the more people logging on to an online casino NZ hosting the game, the quicker the prize pool grows. It keeps rising until someone takes the pot, and then it is reset to its base level, and it starts accumulating all over again.

How the progressive jackpots gets won will depend on the title that’s being played, but it’s usually 1 of 3 methods.

The 1st is at random, awarded to a lucky player during one of their normal spins. The 2nd is for a specific set of symbols landing on a particular payline, and the final one is through a bonus round, which, once triggered, allows players the chance to vie for the big win. These bonus rounds usually take the form of a Wheel Of Fortune, or Pick a Box.

Are They Fair?

Progressive pokies all make use of Random Number Generator software, which was designed to generate sequences of numbers that are unpredictable, without a pattern that can be deduced or guessed at. These RNGs are always being tested and verified at the top online casino NZ sites, so you can rest assured that what you’re playing is fair, and that you have as good a chance of winning as anyone else.

What Happens When Someone Wins?

When someone gets lucky, others players will see the progressive jackpots being reset to their base amount. This base amount is the smallest prize that is up for grabs. Furthermore, if you follow gambling news online, the casino and developers responsible for the game will usually announce that someone’s won. Because the prize will have gone back to its lowest value at this point, certain casinos may introduce bonuses in order to get the total rising more quickly.

Types of Progressive Games Available

There is a range of these kinds of online progressive pokies available at New Zealand’s top casinos, and they can be split in to 4 separate categories:

1.       3D

These combine sophisticated, state-of-the-art 3D graphics with high-energy soundtracks to deliver a cinematic, immersive experience. Animated 3D characters will frequently interact with you and the reels.

2.       Video

Video pokies grew in popularity thanks to the interactive footage they feature, along with animations, and the various Ways to Win, like 50 paylines and 243 Ways. They frequently feature bonus rounds, as well as Scatter and Wild symbols, and give you variety in terms of how to land a big payout.

3.       Classic

Classic pokies bring to the mind the old-fashioned fruit machines, featuring 3 reels and 1 central payline. They are simple to play, very easy to understand, and don’t make use of the more complex paytables of modern-day titles.

4.       Mobile

Progressive pokies can be played on almost all mobile devices nowadays, so your smartphone or tablet will be able to deliver all the games you’re looking for. While these can take 1 of the other forms, they’ve been adapted to use touchscreen input, and thus allow you to play that much more quickly when you’re on the go.

Are you ready to start spinning and winning?