Online Pokies

Pokies have been a favoured gambling activity for many years. Ever since the original "one-armed bandits" appeared at the beginning of the 20th-century players have enjoyed these simple and vibrant gaming machines. Today slots aficionados can play online pokies at any time and from any location at the online casino.

Early Slot Machines

Slot machines first made their appearance in the late 1890s when Charles Fey of San Francisco created an automatic mechanism that featured three spinning reels and five symbols. The symbols -- horseshoes, diamonds, hearts, spades and a Liberty Bell – spun around on the reels and if a spin resulted in 3 matching symbols appearing on the reels the player won a payout. The machine was called the "Liberty Bell" and it was soon a fixture in salons and other gambling venues. People enjoyed playing on the Liberty Bell. The machine gave them the chance to play for pennies as many times as they wished with the promise of a payoff for their win. Early slots payoffs consisted of a piece of fruit, a drink at the bar or a piece of candy. Although gambling was illegal in most areas, slots play wasn't really viewed as genuine gambling since the payouts were delivered in the form of snacks.

When the Las Vegas casinos were established in the 1940s the venues featured the slot machines as a fun activity that people could enjoy in-between their card games and table games. Throughout the latter part of the 20th century, the slot machine manufacturers modified the machines. One of the most significant revisions was in 1963 when the electromechanical device was introduced. This brought the bottomless hopper into play and enabled the machine to deliver automatic payouts so there was no longer any need for an attendant to stand nearby to deliver the payouts. This innovation further increased the popularity of the slots.

By the 1980s the casino management's realized that it would be profitable to invest in the slot machines. They engineered another significant change –slot machines that had embedded microchips. These microchips heightened the visual experience for gamers and also created a more interactive gambling experience. Shortly thereafter the gaming manufacturers introduced the five-reel video slot machine which is the model which is used today. The 5-reel machines offer more symbols, options for more paylines, more interactive elements and more payouts.

Today, slots players have access to game lobbies where they can find their preferred slots from among any of hundreds of pokies choices. The options range from old-fashioned classic slots to slots that bring 21st-century technology to the gaming screen.

Where to Play

Around the world, the majority of gamblers choose the slots when offered their choice of casino gaming options. Land-based casino players can enter a slots room where hundreds of slot machines line up. While most brick-and-mortar casinos require that table and card games be played with minimum betting limits, there are no such requirements for the slots. This makes the slots a welcome game choice for land-based casino gamers who want to enjoy the atmosphere of excitement and entertainment at the casino but wish to place modest bets on their gambling activities.

Players at both the brick-and-mortar and the online casino are attracted to the pokies vibrant graphic imagery, engaging themes, fun-filled animations as well as the possibilities that pokies offer to win large amounts of money within a short amount of time.

Slots competitors have their choice of any of hundreds of pokies options. There are straight slots which pay out on a standard pay table and progressive slots in which the machines of all participating players link together for the chance to win a massive jackpot prize.

Beginning players are often advised to start out with a Straight Slots which gives them uncomplicated slots of simple play, no big surprises and the opportunity to win significant rewards. There are several straight slots adaptations that increase the player's opportunities to earn bigger rewards. Some of these variations include slots with wild symbols that substitute for other game symbols to complete winning paylines, multiple paylines that enable the gamer to bet on more than one payline and establish a new wager on each enabled payline and multipliers which multiply wins according to a pre-established multiplier amount (which can double, triple, quadruple or further multiply the player's existing jackpot).

Advanced players might want to join a progressive slots game. In progressive pokies, the players' machines are linked and each participating player makes an additional deposit to compete for the progressive jackpot. Gamers play the regular game and collect their regular wins but when one player spins the spin that triggers the progressive jackpot he wins the entire bonanza – that bonanza is comprised of all of the deposits of all of the progressive jackpot players who have joined the game following the last windfall win. Progressive jackpots can reach the hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars.

Slots Themes and Features

One of the benefits of playing a 21st-century slot machine is that you have a machine that gives you captivating interactive fun along with themes and plots that match your personal interests.

You can select a slot machine that offers simple symbols and a limited number of paylines or you can play a slots that bring you into a world of fantasy and entertainment with themes that include storylines about history, mythology, mysticism, animals, sports, culinary arts, travel, intrigue, suspense, magic, romance, mystery, adventure, whimsy and more. These "extras" draw you into the game as you explore characters and events for a captivating gaming adventure.

You can also select a game with vibrant, action-filled features which will keep you on your toes. These include games with up to 300 paylines, rolling reels, 243 Ways to win, expanding reels, stacked symbols, free spins, multipliers, retriggering free spins, the respin feature and much more.

Slot Machine Strategies

Slots is basically a game of luck and good fortune but players look for strategies which will provide them with increased opportunities to earn big wins. Even though the element of luck is the prevalent component in slots success it's important to be aware of the different strategies that boost the chances of achieving bigger wins.

  • You should take the time to learn the pokies game thoroughly before you compete for real money. This may seem obvious but all too often, slots gamers jump enthusiastically into their game willy-nilly and don't take the time to study their chosen game's stages or the various options of which they can take advantage.

Every slots game comes with an overview. Players should review these overviews before they beginning to play. Additionally, if you play at an online casino you can enter the Free Mode where you can play a game for as many times as you want for free before you wager your first deposit. To be a successful slots player, utilize these opportunities so that when you make your first deposit to play for real money you'll be ready to play to win.

  • Wager according to your ability. Your gambling money should be money that comes from your budgeted entertainment outlays– money that you don't need for day-to-day expenses. When you gamble you will experience losses so be prepared to cover the periods of losses while you anticipate your periods of wins. Be sure that you can absorb the losses until your winning cycle begins again. Once you've wagered your allotted total, sign out. You shouldn't rationalize further play by saying to yourself that you're going to win back your losses.
  • Remember that the past performance of a slots machine won't indicate its future actions. Some people believe otherwise but that's an old wives tale – keep in mind the fact that slot machines are controlled by random number generators which ensure that all spins are independent of one another and thus, are not influenced in any way by previous spins.
  • Take advantage of resources including the casino's 24/7 support line. The support line has professional staff members on call to answer all of your questions and offer advice on how you can enhance your gambling event. Regardless of whether you're a beginning player or an advanced gamer you should take advantage of the service to ask questions.
  • Play a slot that meets your individual needs and expectations. If you have a lot of time to play you may want to play a slot that involves a small coins size while if your playing time is limited you might want to consider slots in which you can place a larger bet and complete your play more quickly. Similarly, a progressive machine gives you the chance to win a huge jackpot but you must be prepared to add extra money to your wagers. Read each game reviews and then make your choice.