Platinum Play Online Casino NZ

New Zealand gamers have 24/7 access to Platinum Play casino where they can play real money casino games and win cash payouts plus bonus promo wins. Playing at Platinum Play gives you the opportunity to experience genuine casino gambling entertainment in a convenient online environment of relaxing gambling activity. Platinum Play games and bonuses are available to all gamers at the mobile casino and at the PC casino. You can register and create a central account on the casino's sign-in page via your desktop or laptop PC or on your smartphone or tablet mobile. Once you've created your account you can move back and forth from one platform to the other – all of your gaming history, banking details and player information will be maintained within your central account.

How to Choose Your Platinum Play Games

Choosing your Platinum Play games is largely a matter of your gambling budget, your previous gaming experience and, of course, your personal interests and tastes.

Card Games

If you like an old-fashioned game with clear rules and some gamer strategy to throw into the mix with gamer luck, you will probably enjoy some rounds of Platinum Play poker. Poker is an old game that goes back hundreds of years to the European casinos of the French Riviera. When you play poker you compete to build the strongest hand possible, with combinations made from a deck of playing cards. A pair is the lowest combination possible and from there you try to build up to three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, a flush (five of one suit), a straight (five consecutively-numbered cards) a full house (a pair plus three-of-a-kind), a straight-flush and a full house. Then, of course, you might achieve a royal flush which makes you the big winner. You can play the classic poker game or you can choose one of the fun-filled variations in which you play with a "short" deck, with multiple decks, with one player, with multiple players and other interactive competition options. Another online casino NZ game choice for players who like traditional games is blackjack. Blackjack is also known as the "game of 21" and you play the game against the dealer to see which of you builds the hand that comes as close to a total value of 21 without exceeding that value.  Playing blackjack involves strategy together with good fortune and many players appreciate the opportunity to compete in a game in which they take an active role in their win.


"Roulette" means "little wheel" in French and that's where the game's beginnings lay – in 18th century France where Europe's royalty and aristocracy met to socialize, discuss affairs of state and play at the opulent casinos of France's Riviera. The game itself is simple but the paytable, which offers multiple betting options for both the outside and inside bets, creates a vibrant and entertaining game. Once you make your bet you press the button to toss the ball into the spinning roulette wheel. When the wheel stops you check to see which of the pockets the ball landed. Your prediction of the ball's landing place, as noted by your bet, is the deciding factor regarding your win. At Platinum Play online casino NZ you have your choice of the classic European version of roulette or you can play one of the variations which include American roulette, French roulette, Multi-Player roulette and Multi-wheel roulette.


The casino pokies are a highlight at Platinum Play casino. Gamers have their choice of sedate three-reel classic slots or more interactive five-reel video pokies. All of the Platinum Play pokies are created by the Microgaming software developer which is a world leader in gaming development. You can select a simple "spins and wins" game or you can choose a game with special features that creates a more interactive and engaging game event. You also are invited to choose a game with a theme that fits your individual fantasies – game storylines include plots that center on themes of science fiction, mystery, sports, animals, mythology, suspense, intrigue, romance, mysticism, humor, magic, whimsy and more.