High Roller Blackjack

While the golden rule of online gambling is to spend only as much as you can afford, there are some major perks to becoming a High Roller. This is simply any player who bets large amounts consistently at a casino, and may also be referred to as a ‘whale’. Blackjack is one of the more popular high stakes games that players look for at a land-based or online casino, and High Roller Blackjack offers much larger payouts, larger minimum bets and plenty of perks for players to clear their wagering requirements.

What is High Roller Blackjack?

On the surface, there is really no difference between high stakes 21 and the regular game you will find at all online casinos. The rules are the same, the side bets are the same and, the payout system is the same.

What is different is the amount you can bet per hand and the overall table limits. With a game of regular stakes, the table limits are often capped at $200 or less. Like in online pokies, the minimum bet can also be as low as $1, or even less. Blackjack with a High Roller stakes offer far greater limits for both the minimum and the maximum bet. For example, the minimum bet might be around $50, while the maximum might be set at $1000.

What are the Benefits?

The most obvious benefit of high stakes Blackjack is being able to win big when you bet big. Obviously, it works the other way as well, but a good player with a solid strategy will be able to make a profit over time. Playing at regular tables will yield a much smaller profit in comparison, as you are betting and winning less.

Another benefit of playing high stakes tables is being able to clear your wagering requirements much faster. The bigger your bet, the more points go towards your requirements. If you play online pokies, it might take a few days of gambling to clear your requirements, while games with an increased stake will get you cleared within a few sessions.

Who Should Play?

High Roller games are not for everyone no matter whether they take the form of Blackjack, pokies or any other format. If you don’t have the funds to take a big loss, then it is probably best to stick to regular limit card games. However, if you have a generous bankroll and a solid strategy, it can be advantageous to play High Roller Blackjack. Not only is it more exciting, it can lead to huge wins. As with all forms of gambling, it is imperative to know when you have reached your limit and when to cash out.

Trusted Strategies

The way you play will not differ in terms of picking cards and going up against the dealer. Where High Roller Blackjack strategies are needed is with the betting action. A good strategy to employ is to bet 10 percent of your total bankroll when starting out. Depending on the size of your bankroll, this might be towards the lower end or the minimum betting limit, or it might be on the other end, closer to the maximum betting limit.

It is important to pick Blackjack, pokies and any other games you prefer with limits that fall within your bankroll range. Once you have your base bet established, the bet amount can increase or decrease depending on how the action proceeds. A winning hand can include the winnings in the next bet up to the max limit. If the starting hand brings a loss, the next bet should be 10% of the balance of the pot or until you reach the minimum bet limit.

If you’ve got the budget to go big, 21 can become even more lucrative and exciting, and you can join in the fun at the casinos that we recommend right now!