Playing at the Best Bingo Sites Online

Bingo is a game that has created a widespread following, sweeping from the US into the UK and across Europe, it has created a culture of social gambling and spawned a host of similar games. While the reign of the Bingo-hall might have come to an end, online Bingo is gaining momentum. Today, there are dozens of different online casinos and Bingo sites offering Bingo games for real money to keen online gambling enthusiasts. In New Zealand, anyone with a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device can go online and get started playing at the best Bingo sites straight away!

The Basics of Bingo

For those who are new to the game, Bingo is a lottery-style game where the aim is to be the first player to mark a specific pattern or line on a Bingo card. In each game, a specific number of Bingo balls are drawn out at random. As the balls come out, players then mark off each number on their card. In land-based Bingo, the balls are put into a roller machine and jumbled up. The online version used a random number generator to produce the gaming results.

How to Start Playing Online

If you want to get started playing  at mobile Bingo sites, the first step is to sign up with a reputable online Bingo site. The best Bingo sites offer a wide range of games, multiple payment methods, side games and welcome bonus offers. Before signing up with just any Bingo site, make sure that the site is fully licenced and uses externally verified random number generators. Once you have found a site that accepts players from New Zealand, you can sign up for a free online Bingo account and then transfer funds into your account.

Playing 90 Ball Bingo

In New Zealand and Europe, there are three main types of Bingo games found online; these include 30 ball Bingo, 75 ball Bingo and 90 ball Bingo. Before you do anything, you need to decide what type of game you want to play and the best Bingo numbers to play.

The most popular Bingo game is 90 ball Bingo. This is the longer version of the game is usually offered at multiple Bingo lobbies within the site. 90 ball Bingo cards consist of a total of 15 number with 5 numbers in each row. In this version of Bingo, prizes are awarded to the first player to complete one line on their card, then two lines and finally a full house which is all the number on the Bingo card. 

Playing 75 Ball Bingo

The second most popular Bingo game played online is 75 ball Bingo. This is also known as American Bingo as it the most popular variation played in the States. In 75 Ball Bingo, each card has 5 columns and five rows. Each column is headed up by a letter B,I,N,G and O. In the centre of the Bingo card is one square that is crossed out and can be used as a “free” square. In 75 ball Bingo, prizes are awarded to the first player to complete a specific pattern on the Bingo card as well as all the numbers on the card (full house).

30 Ball Bingo

The shortest version of Bingo is 30 ball Bingo. This is a fast-paced and highly popular game that is gaining momentum in Europe. In 30 ball Bingo, each card contains 3 rows with 3 columns. Each 30 ball Bingo game only lasts a few minutes and only offers one prize. This is given to the player who marks off all the number on their card.

Once you have decided what type of Bingo game you want to play, you can join a Bingo room that offers the game. In the Bingo room you will be able to chat to other players in the lobby as well as the coordinator. Some Bingo sites also offer side games such as slots or video poker that you can play for real money while your Bingo game goes on in the background.

Best Bingo Numbers To Play

To start playing at the best Bingo sites you first need to purchase a Bingo ticket. You can either choose to buy a single Bingo card or multiple card. The more cards you buy, the greater your chances of lining up a winning combination. When the round starts, the Bingo machine will randomly pop out numbers from the random number generator. If any of the numbers match the numbers on your Bingo card, you can mark off the numbers by clicking on the square. It is also possible to put the game into auto mode where the numbers will automatically be marked off for you as soon as they are drawn.

If you are lucky enough to complete a line or a pattern before anyone else in the Bingo room, you will win the prize for that round. At mobile Bingo sites all winnings are deposited into your account. From there, you can withdraw your winnings into your bank account, credit card account or web-wallet account!