Mobile Blackjack Live Dealer Gaming

A widely-popular option with Kiwi players, mobile Blackjack live dealer games use professional dealers, real cards, and real time HD streaming to create a realistic casino-style 21 experience online. This game is available in different live casinos editions based on classic variations, and has been created by software giants such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt.

Get To Grips With The Basics

Online Blackjack live dealer games for mobile are a seamless combination of trained dealers, custom-made equipment, and cutting-edge technology. Those running the games are stationed at traditional tables that feature the felt covering with bet boxes, shoes with playing cards, and chips.

Surrounding the tables are multiple HD cameras. The streamed broadcast is viewed in a window that opens when players launch the game at a site; a window that also features betting controls, navigation tools, and an instant messaging button. This way, players can see and hear the dealer, and can place their bets and chat to him or her, as well as to others seated at the table. The overall experience is as interactive as if you were playing in a land-based establishment, only you can kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home.

How to Play

Other than placing bets by selecting the relevant buttons on the interface, mobile Blackjack live dealer games are played just as players would do so in brick-and-mortar venues.

Hands need a maximum total of 21 points, or need to score higher than the dealer’s, to win. There are different moves players can make to increase the score of the hand they were dealt.

Each player receives 2 face-up cards to start. The dealer may receive 1 or 2 cards – either way, only 1 is face up. The value of the hole card is revealed at the end of the round.

Moves and Strategy

If real money Blackjack live dealer players did not receive a winning hand in the first deal, but are sure they can win with what they have got, they can stand or, if really confident, double down. If they want to increase their score, they can hit for another card or split their hand into 2 new hands.

It is somewhere between being a game of chance and one of numbers. Of all casino options, it is unique in providing players with the opportunity to use strategies proven to improve chances of winning.

Exciting Variations

There are several mobile Blackjack live dealer variations available. Some are based on classic-style action, while others focus on low or high stakes bets or creating a unique atmosphere.

The iconic European form deals the dealer’s hole card at the end of the round, while the American form deals it at the start. Standard tables cater to players looking for excitement that will not break their bankrolls, and VIP tables are where the bets are big and the payouts bigger. Party-style tables throw lights, music, and trained-for-TV hosts into the mix, and there are even licensed Playboy tables with dealers in bunny outfits.   

Mobile Blackjack Live Dealer Thrills

With so much to offer, mobile Blackjack live dealer is one of the most satisfying options available online. It does not require much from players, and yet manages to deliver excitement and thrills that fulfil every time.