Awapuni Racecourse – It's Celebration Time! Your Conditions, Your Fun!

Races every week and every month, special events and great buffets... Once you come to Awapuni Racecourse, you can be confident you will be able to enjoy these and so much more! If you are looking for a special place to pass your Christmas, to enjoy with your family or even to book an official meeting for your workers and colleagues, be sure this is the right place for you! From private parties to large weddings, everything works with the great packages offered in place! Now it is only up to you to decide when to come and start having fun!


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Racing In Awapuni – Excitement All Day Long!

A lot or races are taking place in Awapuni Racing Centre, and they happen almost every week! During December, for example, guests will definitely be able to enjoy such races each and every week! The first race will be taking place on Saturday, December 5th, and each Saturday in the following week's visitors will be able to enjoy other races with different themes.

When checking the website, you will be able to see the full calendar with the races already scheduled and the dates, as well as the track records of the different horses taking part in the races. Each horse's row in the table includes data about his weight, distance race, date of the race, and time was taken. The information is constantly updated so players will be able to use only the most relevant materials! The “who won and when” page will also deliver you the info you are most interested in, quickly and directly. This page will show you a list of all recent races, and by clicking each race name you will be able to see the full table of horses who won, the year they won, their weight, back then, and the time.

It is also possible to join the club of Race Punters and to purchase a “share” in the annual club. The club commences on the first day of racing at the Trenthman season, and any member interested in joining this club prior to the first investment meeting, or for the following season will be asked to contact the relevant club.

Weddings – Celebrate Your Special Day!

Your most special day is quickly approaching, and you surely want it to be remembered for the best, as a unique experience in which you greatly enjoyed! At Awapuni Function Centre, you will be able to enjoy, among others, the followings:

Ceremony Venue

This venue will let you be in a surrounding of multiple picturesque trees, to hold your ceremony next to multiple beautiful oak trees, or even to use a fancy birdcage!

Terrace Lounge

If your event will hold up to 120 people, be sure a terrace lounge is a great option for you! The view, which is over a race course, will create a super special experience for you, and the outdoor area, air conditioned room, special dance floor, and bar will all be put together in order to make the event memorable and unique.

Silks Lounge

This special option, which is situated on the 1st floor, is the premier venue which can hold 60 – 450 guests. This beautiful venue uses curtains from the ceiling to the floor, which you can use in order to divide the room and make it as large or small as you wish. The large balcony which views the racecourse, lets the guests also enjoy a pre – dinner drink when the sun sets. Air conditioned room, a dance floor, and a fine bar will create a fun, special and full of entertainment atmosphere.


Staying hungry and thirsty is definitely not an option once reaching Awapuni Racecourse! The food, which is 100% owned and operated in the place, offers visitors more than they could ever even wish for!

Breakfast solutions, for example, offer visitors to enjoy yoghurt, preserved fruits, orange juice on the table as well as tea, golden hash browns, scrambled eggs. Pan fried mushrooms and so much more!

Coffee breaks include some sweet or savoury muffins, scones with jam and cream, assorted fruit bowls, a wide selection of croissants, tea, coffee, orange juice, etc.

Super Menu includes multiple great selections, varying from Finger Food (hot, cold and sweet selection), multiple gourmet hot sandwiches, snack platter selections, and gourmet platter selection.

The offerings, when it comes to dining and drinking can seem to be limitless, as even weddings packs, conferences packs, dinner menus, and vegetarian and gluten free options are also available. It is always highly recommended to check out the website's relevant web page, in which more than enough information is widely elaborated.

Conferences and Meetings

If you are in an official mood, and looking for a series place to hold your event at, you will definitely be satisfied once you choose Awapuni Racecourse as the place to hold it! With nine great venues, a special view, four extra breakout rooms, great catering and a highly ranked staff which keeps customers pleased every time again, there is no doubt THIS is the right place for you!

The parking is free, so you can be relaxed when inviting a lot pf people to come and celebrate with you, and the location is central so its definitely going to be easy for everyone to find the place. In addition to that, 13 different venues are offered in varied sizes, which include 700 sits, a Creative Catering team is also on place to serve you with all that you need, and with any concern or requirement that you may have, you can always approach the dedicated staff.

Your Event

Celebrating your own event is also possible once coming to Awapuni! Small events, as well as large events can be scheduled in no time at all, cocktails, champagne brunches, formal dinners, dance celebrations and creative caterings can all be designed especially for you!

Casinos Nearby

If you are into winning some great no deposit bonuses, be sure you can easily do so once reaching Awapuni Racecourse! One of the reasons a lot of visitors greatly enjoy reaching Awapuni Racecourse, is since about 14 different casinos are located nearby, and a simple web search will let you find all their names and current locations. In addition to that, if gambling in general is your thing, you can be confident the racing experience will let you enjoy some of the thrill you are looking for!

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