Two Kiwi’s Strike It Lucky in Poker

Tisha Walden | 09 Jul 2018

PokerNot one, but TWO New Zealanders made headlines in the world of Poker this week when they participated in live Poker tournaments in two separate countries, and both managed to go home with massive winnings in their pockets.

Scott Hamilton-Hill participated in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) during last week. The event was hosted by the legendary Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, a popular destination and world-class event for lovers of Poker and games of chance.

The 50 year-old gentlemen entered the $1,000 Seniors No Limit Hold’em tournament, which presented with a total prize pool of a very grand $5.3 million. Sure enough, the Kiwi managed to conclude the tournament by finishing in third place overall. His reward? A life changing prize of $303,859, or NZ$440,710 when converted to his local currency.

Band Of Buddies

Hamilton-Hill ended up in Vegas thanks to an agreement with a bunch of friends who agreed that they would travel to Las Vegas just as soon as they turned half a century old! Hamilton-Hill has said that part of the incentive behind wanting to enter the tournament was a bit of friendly rivalry with one of the other friends in the group, Jeff Bucher. According to Hamilton-Hill, his friend Jeff had struck it lucky a couple of years back by winning a cash prize at the same tournament. Hamilton-Hill jokingly quipped that he had decided to enter the tournament in order to pull a one-up on his friend.

After the standard US tax deductions, the 50 year-old Kiwi will be going home with total winnings amounting to NZ$217,545, to spend at his will. He has explained that he had not yet considered what to do with his winnings.

Lucky Winner No. 2

On the same day that Hamilton-Hill had decided buy into the World Series of Poker at the Rio in Las Vegas, yet another New Zealander participated in a tournament hosted by the famous Caribbean Stud table at Christchurch Casino. Cliff Sandrey participated as a recreational player and ended up walking away a whopping $440,000 richer for the fact!

Sandrey revealed that he knew exactly how he wanted to apply his massive winnings. His plans are to provide for his children, as well as taking a trip to the US and Canada to visit two of his children who are residing there.