Ian Penrose Appointed Playtech Director

Tisha Walden | 24 Aug 2018

Ian Penrose Appointed Playtech DirectorPlaytech recently confirmed a new appointment to its board of directors, and this time round its none other than the highly experienced Ian Penrose. He will be taking up a position as non-executive director. Reports of him being next in line as Chairman were rife, but have now been put to bed by the official announcement.

The Value Of Experience

Penrose holds an impressive resume, having previously served as Chief Executive Officer for Sportech. He held this position from 2005 to 2017, after previously having served in the same position at Arena Leisure, in the four years running from 2001 up until 2005.

He is currently still non-executive chairman of the National Football Museum of England, which is situated in Manchester. In addition to this, he is also the current strategic and operational adviser to Alizeti Capital on the matter of the acquisition of the UK Tote.

Experienced In US Market

Penrose will officially be joining the online casino leading company, Playtech, on September 1st, and will serve as a member of the Audit, Risk and Compliance, Remuneration and Nominations Committees. Alan Jackson, Chairman of Playtech, seemed well pleased with the new appointment, saying that he was responsible for leading the complete business turn-around and re-positioning of Sportech, and that he will be an asset to the company, especially thanks to his advanced levels of experience in the US gambling market.

Jackson also referred to Penrose having been involved in strategic solutions in the US for the last eight years, saying that this in particular, was what made of him a very valuable asset to the team at Playtech.

Replacement For Alan Jackson

During the past weekend, many reports suggested that Penrose had been earmarked as an immediate replacement for Jackson. But according to an article published in prominent media page The Times, he is currently being viewed as a long-term replacement of Jackson in the position of Chairman. This has apparently become a necessary step given the increased recent scrutiny of Jackson due to poor company performance.

Notable too, is the fact that in May of this year, 35.2% of investors were said to have voted against the re-election of Jackson as Chairman.