Player Strikes It Big At SkyCity Casino

Tisha Walden | 27 Jul 2018

SkyCity Casino Big WinWhen talking investment, growing a $35 Poker bet into a $1.1 million progressive jackpot win, is about as good as any return gets! This was the lucky fortune that befell one very fortunate female player at Auckland’s SkyCity casino.

The woman was playing a game of Caribbean Stud Poker when she hit the big one when the progressive jackpot was awarded after a royal flush. A spokesperson for SkyCity Casino confirmed to a local media publication that the woman beat odds amounting to an incredible 648,740 to 1 when she won the incredible prize.

Proof once more than no matter what the odds, when winning is on the cards, it’s meant to be!

Thank Goodness For Side Bets

Group Chief Operating Officer for SkyCity Casino, Michael Ahearne, said that the progressive jackpot has not been this size in more than seven years, and that this was truly a very lucky strike on the player’s part. Apparently the woman was so shocked at having won the massive amount of money, that she handed some of her winnings to other players at the table in a gesture of goodwill. This was related to the media by a casino supervisor.

The rules of Caribbean Poker dictate that each player is dealt a hand consisting of five cards. The aim is then to rank higher than the hand of the dealer, in which case it’s a winning hand for the player. The dealmaker for this particular winner, was that her $35 bet included a side bet, which ultimately meant that she qualified for the progressive jackpot.

One very lucky side bet indeed!

Beating All Odds

Ahearne also said that casino staff had been blown away at the woman’s, who has chosen to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, win. Especially due to the amazing nature of the odds that were beat. The woman’s win has been described as the right hand at the right time at the right place.

When considering that a jackpot win of this nature has not been secured during the last seven years, the statement certainly rings all the more true.

The Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot at SkyCity Casino has now been reset back down to $286,000. With every following win the jackpot will continue to grow once more and its going to be interesting to see how long it will take before another lucky winner hits the big one!