New Zealand Reopens All Casinos

Tisha Walden | 11 Jun 2020

New Zealand Reopens All CasinosAs the island nation of New Zealand moves into Alert Level 1, all of the restrictions at the casinos around the country have been lifted. This announcement was made by Premier Jacinda Adern on the 8th of June as the country eases back into a normal way of life.

Despite the lifting of all social distancing restrictions, border controls remain in place, so no foreign visitors will be allowed into the country for the time being.

All Social Distancing Restrictions Relaxed

As the restrictions are relaxed in New Zealand, the SkyCity Entertainment group which owns four casinos across the country, will be one of the world’s first groups to resume full operations.

With New Zealand now officially in Alert Level 1, all mass gatherings and social distance restrictions have been lifted for all companies and events, including land-based casinos. What this means for players at SkyCity’s venues is that all gaming tables and machines will operate as they did before the worldwide lockdowns, and that the gaming zones that were set up previously during New Zealand’s Alert Level 2 phase will now be dropped.

Events and promotions at the group’s various casinos, restaurants and hotels will also begin to resume. However, with the country’s international borders still closed, the SkyCity Entertainment group is forced to focus its operations on the domestic market for now.

Welcoming Back Business

The SkyCity Entertainment Group operates a variety of casinos and entertainment facilities around New Zealand including 22 restaurants, 21 bars, 4 hotels, 1 online and 5 land-based casinos in four locations. These walk-in venues are located in the New Zealand cities of Hamilton, Auckland, Adelaide and Queenstown.

The group originally opened selected facilities in Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown on the 14th of May 2020 when the country entered Alert Level 2 and business were allowed to begin trading. However, at this stage, strict restrictions were in place in terms of capacity of each of the venues with a number of social distancing regulations in place. During this time the brand saw its hotel occupancy increase to 32%, with weekends yielding 90% occupancy due to a variety of special offers the group put out for the domestic traveller. The group says that the reopening of the trans-Tasman border is also highly likely in the coming months.