NetEnt Releases New Live Perfect Blackjack

Tisha Walden | 03 Oct 2019

perfect blackjackThe latest casino game from NetEnt is said to be an industry first. Perfect Blackjack offers online players a live experience that is genuinely stacked towards a win, according to the description from the Swedish content supplier. The new release debuted in London at the ICE Conference in February, and was then made available exclusively on Grosvenor Casinos website. This week, the title was made available across the full NetEnt Live network.

NetEnt recently developed a new user interface for their platforms, which was rolled out just prior to making Perfect Blackjack available to their full network. This interface promises players a far more exciting experience across all of their live titles in their portfolio. The games are all broadcast live from the NetEnt studios in Malta 24/7, meaning there is no break in entertainment or play.

Giving Players The Edge

Perfect Blackjack may just live up to its name. It has been designed to genuinely give players the edge over the house and make them favourites to win. The title has been designated as fun-friendly and player-friendly because of this unique built-in mechanism. The deals are made according to the perfect strategy for Blackjack, allowing for a 99.5% return to player. This means that the house edge is only 0.5%.

The game also comes with an array of options for playing. It’s very flexible and offers great scalability. You can have multi-seat and multi-players per box. Players can also opt to sit out of hands and rejoin the fun when they want to. The optional autoplay feature allows players to pre-select how they want to play their hand according to the game’s strategy. Side bets, such as perfect pair, are also allowed, making it a lot more interesting for confident players.

The Live Experience Online

NetEnt has long pioneered the live online gaming experience. They first opened their studios in Malta back in 2013, and have seen a steady and strong uptake in the content’s popularity around the world. Players can enjoy the land-based experience of a real dealer and opponents without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

All of the titles featured in NetEnt’s live offering are essentially a reimagining of classic casino games. Perfect Blackjack is no different. It’s a new take on the quintessential card game and combines the traditional elements of the land-based table game, along with the unique factors of running off of the optimal strategy for the game – something that only the online arena can offer a player.