New It’s Alive! Pokie Pays Tribute To Frankenstein

Tisha Walden | 13 Oct 2020

New It’s Alive! Pokie Pays Tribute To FrankensteinClassic monsters such as Dracula are often featured in pokies. Doctor Frankenstein and his monstrous creation, however, tend to get somewhat overlooked. At least, they tended to get overlooked until now. Lesser known iGaming developer RubyPlay have finally paid tribute to the mad scientist in their own creation; It’s Alive!

As would be expected, Doctor Frankenstein, his laboratory, and the poor creature brought to life are centre stage, recreated here with impressive artwork and animation. But it seems as if the monster is losing his temper, and it is up to the pokies player to help bring the brute back under control.

Thankfully, however, there is a special guest that may just get the job done.

A Classic Retold

The green skinned behemoth with bolts in his neck is what most think of when they envision the story of Doctor Frankenstein. As such, RubyPlay leaned into the imagery, making the green creature the core of It’s Alive! The scientist, however, is a bit less traditional in design, looking more like a magician than anything else.

Either way, the developers did a great job with the visuals, going the whole 9 yards where animation is concerned. Each match will trigger excellently realised animations for the characters, adding an extra layer of visual entertainment. Note also that the female monster character has even been featured, which many tend to forget is part of the original story.

In terms of pokies gameplay It’s Alive! features 6 reels and 4 rows, with a strong focus on numerous special features. Random Wilds may be added to the reels, brought by a fully animated Igor character, while random Multipliers also come into play, making each spin an exciting adventure.

Transforming Horror

As most know, the monster has a terrible temper, and can potentially even be dangerous. This ferocious behaviour is depicted in It’s Alive!, though is far more of a benefit than it is a problem. When 3 green faced monsters are matched, 8 Free Spins are granted. But this is just the beginning of a potentially very lucrative sequence.

Angry, red faced versions of the creature are added to the reels during a Free Spins round, and if matched will add an additional 3 spins. However, after matching the red faces will calm, lock in place, and transform into Wilds. Needless to say, the payouts generated can be immense.

As far as horror themed pokies go, It’s Alive! certainly stands as one of the best.