GamCare Launch Online Casino Study

Tisha Walden | 08 Jan 2021

GamCare Launch Online Casino StudyA UK-based charity wants a better understanding of player’s online casino behaviour, and to achieve this, it has begun collaborating with a university and two research agencies. GamCare will work with City University, Ignition House, and LAB to identify possible indicators of vulnerability among players. The charity also will try to recognize signs of harm.

According to news reports, the charity said that more research was required in those areas, as they are not fully understood. The project is comprised of two phases, the first of which is a qualitative study.

The Two Phases

The qualitative study that forms the first phase of the online casino behaviour research project will involve 20 participants who have gambled online within the past six months. GamCare’s team already is looking for participants, who will need to sign up for the project before Christmas.

Participants will need to undergo an hour-long interview via phone or video call. The answers they give to the various questions asked by an experienced researcher should provide valuable insights into playing and betting on computers or mobile devices.

The findings from phase one will then be used for phase two of the project, which is due to take place in 2021. Phase two will be a quantitative study that will be significantly larger than phase one.

Working Toward Safer Gambling Online

According to GamCare, the goal of the research is to make online casino gameplay safer for players and punters. The charity said in a statement that the studies will help it to increase knowledge of behaviours and warning signs, and to develop interventions that can direct players toward protective digital environments.

In line with this, a research team led by King’s College London and GamCare announced that it received funding from the National Institute for Health Research days before the charity announced the new project. The funding will be used to develop a ‘trigger question’ that can help social workers from local authority adult care services to identify harms related to gambling.

This will form part of those services’ contact with community members. The single-question screening tool eventually will be trialled in three local authorities. Individuals who are affected by gambling harm will be directed to support services.

About GamCare

An independent charity, GamCare was founded in 1997. The charity provides advice, information, and support for online casino players who are vulnerable. This happens primarily through the National Gambling Helpline, which is available via telephone and live chat. The phone line is free to call, and like the chat room, is available 24 hours a day.