All-In Diversity Gambling Survey Attracts New Participants

Tisha Walden | 06 Sep 2019

all in diversity projectOver 50 organisations in the global betting and gambling industry have already participated in this year’s All-In Diversity Project Survey, and there is still time for more to get involved. This is only the second year in which the All-In Diversity Project has conducted this survey, which looks at diversity, inclusion, and workplace and equality in the gambling industry. The number of organisations volunteering to participate in the survey has already doubled since last year, when only 25 companies participated.

The results generated by the 45-question survey will be collated and used to define the All-Index, which will be used as the industry benchmark for improvement over the coming year.

The Central Data Resource

According to All-In Diversity Project co-founder, Kelly Kehn, the initiative aims become the global gambling and betting industry’s central resource with regard to diversity, inclusion and equality.

Kehn added that, while the business value of diversity has already be established, it is necessary to begin distinguishing between fact and fiction by testing assumptions surrounding this issue. She said that the best way to understand the landscape, and identify trends, challenges and opportunities, was by gathering data via the annual All-In survey.

Major Organisations Participate

As such, Kehn expressed the All-In Diversity Project’s delight that twice as many industry stakeholders have thus far taken part in this year’s survey, which is open to any gambling industry organisation. This includes providers/suppliers, operators, associations, regulators, or other entities within the industry.

This year’s participants include some of the biggest names in the online and land based casino and sports betting sectors, such as the Kindred Group, GVC Holdings, Betfair, Paddy Power, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, IGT, Red Tiger Gaming, and Playtech.

Kehn invited any organisations that have not yet taken the 2019 survey to do so while it is still open.

The Industry Benchmark

Launched in 2017, the All-In Diversity Project was founded to provide the necessary tools for the international gambling industry to move forward in the spheres of diversity, inclusion and workplace equality.

Once this year’s survey is complete, each of these and all participating organisations will receive a complimentary copy of the All-Index as well as their own private results with relevant analysis to use as a customised benchmark for their annual progress with regard to inclusion, equality and diversity. Meanwhile, as mentioned, the All-Index is used as an industry-wide yard stick for how far the sector has come in these areas each year.