NetEnt To Archive 5 Video Pokies

Tisha Walden | 05 Sep 2018

NetEnt To Archive 5 Video PokiesIn 2017 online casino software giant NetEnt removed 3 of its most popular pokies without any prior notice. The removal of these titles from their portfolio was met with much uproar, and the news was not well received by their supporters. However, new releases soon made up for this loss and players moved on.

Now, it seems that time has arrived for another 5 of the developer’s titles to face the axe. However, unlike the previous exodus, players have been informed of the withdrawal.

NetEnt has decided to remove 5 of its video pokies from the online casino arena for reasons they have not yet disclosed. There is speculation that this is due to expiring licenses, but the software provider has confirmed nothing. The games players will be bidding farewell to are Fantasini: Master of Mystery, Nrvna: The NXT Experience, Big Bang, Tornado: Farm Escape, and Glow Touch.

The Last Spin

For those of you not familiar with the games, Fantasini: Master of Mystery is a 5-reel 3-row video pokie based around a grand magician and offers 243 Ways To Win. Glow Touch had a similar feel, with its spiritual backstory and journey to the northern lights. Glow Touch is another 5-reel video pokie with 15 bet lines.

Nrvna pronounced nirvana, is a 5-reel, 30 pay line pokie set to a space-like backdrop and players will miss the whopping 3220 x maximum payout this release offered. Continuing with the space theme, Big Bang, a 5-reel 3-row title set in space 13.7 billion years ago, featured the Progressive Multiplier Meter to quickly increase players credits.

Finally, Tornado, an offbeat release featuring cartoonish animations of the mad cow variety will be enjoying its last spins too.

NetEnt Leads The Way

NetEnt has been a pioneer in the online casino software industry for over 20 years. They offer hundreds of game titles and power some of the most popular online casinos. Although better known for appearing in the news to showcase their latest releases, that may just be the reason for the culling of these 5 titles.

The developer’s creative department has been busy creating their Max series of games, and it may well be that they felt that this new innovation is more than enough to satisfy players, and it was time they retired some of their less popular options.