MGA Explores Unified Self-Exclusion System

Tisha Walden | 26 Mar 2019

mgaThe MGA, in a renewed attempt to better support players who wish to be excluded from all contact with gambling-related operations and activities, has commenced with the first steps in a market consultation aimed at collecting public opinions regarding the institution of a more unified self-exclusion system in the country.

A self-exclusion system does currently exist, but players are required to specify which operators they wish to be excluded from. A new unified system would offer a more effective system of administration, as players would be able to register on a central system thanks to a linked network. Practically speaking, once a unified system is in place, a player will only have to self-exclude once off. Operators will be required to “pass on” self-exclusion information to the rest of the operator-network.

An automated system will lift a major administrative burden off the shoulders of players; players, it must be kept in mind, who are often facing great difficulty refusing the opportunity to gamble in the first place, let alone having to do so repeatedly whenever a new temptation appears on the horizon.

Better Safeguards Mean More Control

The system could very well also include an operator-exclusion functionality, affording operators the opportunity to add players to a country-wide list of “banned” players, which system will form of their duty of care towards players who have been flagged as being high-risk gamblers.

The MGA said that the system, once in force, will include effective administrative safeguards such as a central registration system where all self-exclusion details may be noted. A record-matching functionality will also be put into place so that details submitted by players may be matched automatically to any details already registered on the system.

This auto-match function will make it easy for operators to adhere to the self-exclusion wishes of its customers and will shrink the margins of possible error and oversight.

An Open Invitation To All

The MGA has issued a public invitation to all industry stakeholders who wish to contribute in terms of input as well as experience with the necessary technology and the like. A public interaction forum has been made available on the country’s Electronic Public Procurement System.