Tisha Walden | 22 Oct 2018

How The iPhone XS Stacks Up Against Other Smartphones

The iPhone XSHold on to your hats, buckle in, and prepare for some news that is going to blow your mind. A new iPhone is coming out. What, you already knew that, and it isn’t especially unexpected news? In fact, the release of new iPhones is so regular that you can set your watch by it. Truth be told, you’re starting to get tired of new iPhones, and are struggling to see any value in getting yet another one.

We empathise with your opinion, and are starting to feel a little iPhone fatigued ourselves. It seems that smartphone users have got so used to rushing out and buying the new iPhone, like clockwork, that they’ve forgotten to actually check out the competition, and see if there perhaps isn’t something better, and more reasonably priced.

Don’t fret; we’ve got your back. We know that iPhones are so expensive these days that you need to use all your online gambling winnings just to get your hands on one.  So we decided to compare the new iPhone XS against some other popular and more affordable smartphone options, and see how it stacked up. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised…

Samsung Galaxy S9XS Versus Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 has already been out for a few months, and has got a fair amount of attention. If putting the new XS head to head with the Galaxy S9, you’ll notice a few very interesting things. The first of which is that, in terms of specifications, there is very little difference between them. Both have 12 megapixel rear cameras and both have a screen size of an identical 5.8 inches. Though, in terms of screen resolution, the S9 offers a slightly higher pixel count.

On the other hand, the S9 has a built in 64-gigabyte storage, and while the XS does have a 64-gigabyte option, it also has a 512-gigabyte option. Though that will cost you extra. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that S9 has biometric security in the way of fingerprint, iris, and face scanning, while the XS only supports facial recognition.

There are other differences, namely that the XS no longer supports any sort of Micro SD chip extra storage, while the S9 does. So really, from what we can tell, the biggest difference is the price tag. You can expect to pay around $1,300 for the XS, and $720 for the S9.

Huawei P20 ProXS Versus Huawei P20 Pro

As far as great mainstream alternatives go, you might very well consider the P20 Pro. At around $650 it is cheaper than both the above-mentioned devices, and there are reasons for that. It has no headphone jack, which is certainly an annoyance. What it does come with is a fingerprint scanner, and arguably the best front mounted camera array currently available. Say nuts to the Samsung and Apple 12 megapixel cameras, and hello to a 40-megapixel triple camera system. Wow.

The P20 Pro is also a winner in the specs department, with the expected 6 gigabytes of Ram to match the competition, as well as a standard 128 gigabytes of storage space. The benchmark for performance does lag significantly behind the XS, however, which is worth mentioning. It doesn’t have a slot for added storage space for a micro SD, as with the iPhone, so in this department both these devices fail, with the S9 coming out on top. Another minus is the lack of wireless charging support. However, as already said the P20 is cheaper by a mile than the iPhone, and even a little cheaper than the S9.

In our books, the S9 really is the best logical choice as far as smartphones are concerned right now. But this is naturally a matter of opinion. Do be sure to take a long, hard look at that iPhone price tag though, before making a commitment!