Japan Takes Bold Step in Casino Education

Tisha Walden | 02 Aug 2018

Galaxy Entertainment steps into education in JapanGalaxy Entertainment has partnered with Toyo University in Japan, and the University of Macau, in what is being described as a ground breaking step for education. The objective of the partnership is to provide a programme that will specifically teach the management of integrated resorts, or IR, which refers to establishments that are a combination of a casino and a hotel, specifically.

The organising of the partnership by Toyo is in perpetration for the future of development in the Japanese economy. Anticipation is that Japan will start development on its own casinos in the near future, with some expected to be fully operational in the next decade. The students taking part in the focused studies now will, of course be, expected to be the managers of these future integrated resorts. It’s a perfect example of universities thinking ahead, and answering a demand before it has even fully revealed itself.

Hands On Experience

The programmes will allow Japanese students to visit an integrated resort establishment in Macau, where they will not only be able to learn in a real world environment, but also get proper hands on experience. Naturally, the partnership is being hailed by many as an excellent move by both Toyo and Macau Universities, providing learning that far outweighs anything that could be done in a university environment, in Japan.

The integrated resort that students will be visiting is, of course, Galaxy Macau. Hailed as one of the most successful establishments of its kind in the world, it is the perfect learning environment. Once arriving, Japanese students will attend a number of lectures, and as well as enter into mentoring partnerships with lead executives.

Extensive Mentoring

The education that students will receive will be a fully rounded one, covering all aspects of running any establishments similar to the Galaxy Macau. Areas covered will include hospitality, beverages, branding, marketing, retail and a great deal more.

Speaking on the topic, the vice chairman of Galaxy, Francis Lui, stated that he was very pleased about the prospect of sharing his companies philosophies. He likewise expressed how he felt it was necessary to help the Japanese develop similar sustainable establishments; following the integrated resort system that he and his company had created.

It seems that Toyo University has gone the extra mile in helping its students get a head start. There is no doubt that once Japan does open its own resorts, that they will be in very capable hands.