Former Sheriff Gaming CEO To Face The Music

Tisha Walden | 18 Oct 2018

Jail time for former gaming CEOMoney laundering, tax evasion and illegal gambling – these are just some of the charges facing the former CEO of Sheriff Gaming, Stijn Flapper. All operations at Sheriff Gaming have been halted, and the company no longer trades. Stijn now faces a possible four years in a Dutch prison, if found guilty on all charges.

Brothers Maurice Gregoire and Michel Gregoire each face more than 30 months in prison, if prosecutors are to have their way. The brothers are being charged for their involvement in the alleged wrongdoings in the company’s operations, as well as in the under-handed operations of parent company, Bubble Group NV.

Prosecutors are pushing for the maximum allowable punishments.

Millions Gained Unlawfully

The trial commenced in September of this year, with the charges originating from a series of raids performed by prosecutors and regulators in 2013. Court officials and regulators seized dozens of bank accounts, as well as fixed properties situated in no fewer than four countries. According to the charges brought against Stijn and his two alleged accomplices, the assets that have now been seized, were acquired by means of more than €100 million in red hot funds generated by illicit and illegal gambling operations.

Flapper has retaliated by filing a counter-claim against the Dutch Government, having vehemently denied all allegations brought against himself and the Gregoire brothers. Flapper has instituted a €75 million lawsuit against his accusers, claiming that neither he nor his co-accused had at any point done anything wrong.

Trio Faces Serious Jail-Time

The accusations brought against Flapper and the two brothers are of a serious nature. The former CEO and his rogue teammates had apparently been at the steer of a network of 7 Costa Rican gambling sites. The group was using the sites in order to launder some very dirty money gained from illegal activities, including drug trafficking.

Flapper, as was to be expected, denied all allegations, claiming that no drugs had been found in the possession of any of the accused. Dutch Public Prosecutor Michiel van Ijzendoorn spoke to local newspaper The Gelderlander, and said that the threesome had been living prosperous lifestyles as a direct result of their illegal activities.

Of the three, Flapper has been singled out as having benefited the most. The trio now faces a season or 4 behind bars.