Australian's Are The Worlds Biggest Gamblers

Tisha Walden | 25 Oct 2018

Australia Country Gambling ImageAustralians wager more than any other country on earth, says a Queensland Government Statistician’s Office report. It revealed that around AU$210 billion was gambled in 2016 and 2017, an increase of 0,7% since the previous study. The report went on to say that countrymen and women Down Under are first in gambling losses, too, with almost AU$24 billion being forfeited over the same period. This works out to AU$1 251 for every person in the country of legal age.

What These Figures Tell Us

The biggest increases over the latest period can be seen in Racing and Sports betting, with the latter rising by 15%, and former by 7%. These two sectors are the experiencing the most rapid growth

Casinos and pokies machines still lead the way, however, in both the amounts of money being bet, and the totals being lost. Roughly AU$168 billion went to casinos, electronic games, and Lotteries, over this period, and losses in this area amounted to about AU$17 billion. This translates to AU$894 being lost by every Australian over the age of 18-years in 2016 and 2017.

These kinds of figures play a vital role in determining how the Australian gambling sector is doing year to year, and the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office has conducted similar studies over the last 34 years.

Why Are the Numbers Increasing?

The massive developments in mobile gambling have played a big role in the fact that more money is being wagered overall. It’s incredibly easy to stake via your smartphone or tablet, and, for many Aussies, doing so has become a normal part of their every day.

Betting applications are downloaded in seconds, and securely adding funds to a player account is a matter of a few clicks. Advertising around gambling also plays a big role, with widespread campaigns being run which aim to grab the attention of younger people, as they show the fun side of gambling, and how responsibly enjoying this pastime can be a really great experience. Celebrities and big television and film stars get called in to help promote products and services, too, which greatly enhance their appeal.

Even the biggest organisations in the country, including Cricket Australia, the national Football League and the Australian Rugby League, are now sponsored by well-known gambling organisations. This means that there is an advertisement for gambling everywhere you look, from infomercials on TV through to banners and the like at the stadiums frequented.