Top 5 Online Deposit Methods

Our recommended casinos offer a variety of online deposit methods to suit different players needs. We've listed the 5 most popular and trustworthy options for you here, so you can pick the one that makes money management easy.

Credit Cards

This group of online casino deposit methods includes MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club and American Express.

How to Use Them: On your casino's cashier interface enter your details and the amount you want to transfer, and then confirm the information. For withdrawals, you may need to submit proof of address and identification.

Security Measures: Casinos use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for every transaction, which protects your information at all times. Each financial institution also uses its own firewalls and other protocols, making these online deposit methods even safer.


  • You don't need to open any other accounts.
  • Accepted just about everywhere.
  • Almost every site offers these methods, so they are very convenient.


  • Although the risk is small, there is still a chance of card fraud and theft.
  • Because you have access to credit with these casino deposit methods, it is tempting to gamble with funds you don't have.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times: Deposits clear almost instantly; cashouts take anywhere from 3 to 7 working days.

Debit Cards

VISA Electron and Maestro are the commonest debit card options at online casinos in New Zealand.

How to Use Them: In the same way that you'd use credit cards.

Security Measures: SSL encryptions and banks' own firewalls.


  • You don't have to set up other accounts.
  • Bankroll management is easier; you can't spend funds that you don't have.
  • You can use the same system for loading funds and cashing out.


  • These online deposit methods aren't as widespread as credit cards.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times: If you have money in your account, deposits are almost instant. Making withdrawals usually takes 5 to 7 business days.

Bank Transfers

How to Use Them: Choose Bank Transfer and then your own financial institution on the cashier interface. For deposits you'll be taken to your bank's website, where you'll log in to your account, capture the casino's details and then make the transfer. To make a withdrawal, follow the prompts after you've selected your bank.

Security Measures: As you only enter your own information on your financial institutions page, it is never seen by any third parties.


  • With bank notifications, you'll know about fraudulent activities immediately.
  • No other accounts or set up is required to transfer funds.


  • Fees are comparatively high.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times: Transfers are usually completed within 3 working days.


Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are all popular choices for these online casino deposit methods.

How to Use Them: Set up an eWallet account online by entering your bank account or credit/debit card information and your email address. You can move funds into the wallet and then your casino account, or from the casino to the wallet and back to your bank account. Just select the relevant option and follow the prompts.

Security Measures: No information is ever shared with vendors. The two-step transfer system also guards against fraud.


  • Bankroll management is easier with two-stage transfers.
  • You can only spend what you have in your eWallet account.


  • High transaction fees

Deposit and Withdrawal Times: Instant deposits; withdrawals generally within 24 hours.

Prepaid Vouchers

Paysafecard and Entropay are New Zealand's preferred voucher-based casino deposit methods.

How to Use Them: Purchase the vouchers online or from land-based vendors. Once you've made the appropriate selections on the casino's banking page, enter the PIN you were given and how much you want to transfer.

Security Measures: You don't have to share any of your personal or financial details when you use these online deposit methods.


  • Funds are transferred immediately.
  • Your information is completely safe.
  • No personal banking details are ever required.


  • Vouchers can't be used for withdrawals.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times: Withdrawals are not possible; deposits are immediate.