Your Guide to NZ Pokies Tournaments

With the soaring popularity of reel spinning games in New Zealand, countless online casinos have tried to make the pastime even more engaging by offering a number of different pokies tournaments. Players of these exciting games will find numerous ways to compete in these tourneys, which offer the chance to score considerable cash jackpots for the punters who are able to make their way to the top of the leaderboard.

These tournaments add a whole new dimension to playing online pokies, and they are perfect for anyone who has a competitive spirit they want to indulge. They are also far more social, and the more you play, the more familiar you’ll get with the regulars who you need to beat in order to claim a prize. 

Not all online casinos offer tournament pokies for their punters to enjoy, but there are still many brands out there that do. Our job is to help you track them down with ease, enabling you to partake in one of the Internet’s most exciting group activities to date! Read on to discover more about these exciting competitions, their many benefits, and how to get started at a top NZ iGaming site today.

Top Types of Competitions

Online pokies are usually a casino game that one plays on their own; so many Kiwis are often surprised to learn that pokies tournaments actually exist at all. It is a testament to the amazing iGaming technology of today that brands have been able to turn a solitary activity into a group one, roping in thousands of players at a time to play for a massive jackpot, while also contributing to its value simultaneously.

Interestingly, there are also a few different kinds of tournaments that you can explore. They include:

Freerolls – These tourneys are often offered as part of a welcome bonus or promotional deal for players who regularly play real money games at a pokies casino. They are always totally free to enter, but still offer considerable cash prizes to motivate Kiwi punters to join in the fun.

Pay to Play – These pokies tournaments are somewhat different to Freerolls, as they require an entry fee to participate. Due to this fact, they tend to be packed with highly competitive players who are serious about winning the jackpot on offer and gaining a good return on their entry investments.

Same Day – These events tend to be held over a single day only, unlike their on going counterparts. At the end of the day, the person who manages to top the leaderboard will take home the ultimate jackpot when the clock runs out.

Ongoing – Of course, these tourneys do not go on forever, but they tend to play out over a long period of time, like the course of a week. Some solid strategy is often required here, especially if you will only be available for a few days of the aforementioned week, or if you have a limited bankroll that may be smaller than that of your competitors.

Sit n Go – These tourneys kick off when enough players are online, and everyone is given a set number of credits to play with. The player that gets the highest total at the end is the winner, and these competitions are often run over a set time period so they are far faster and more accessible to those who may not have several hours to play, but still want to compete with their fellow players.

Participating in Mobile Tournaments

If you are interested in playing pokies tournaments online but need to be on the move, there is also a unique innovation available to help you enjoy the best of both worlds. Mobile tourneys offer the same winning opportunities as their desktop counterparts, and can be played on nearly any smartphone or tablet brand that you can think of.