Loyalty and VIP Programs in NZ

In New Zealand and all over the world, land-based casinos reward players for visiting their establishments. This may be in the form of free drinks, complimentary show vouchers, limo vouchers and even gaming vouchers. It is also possible for players to sign up for a VIP program and get extra rewards for playing more often. The online casino industry is no different. Instead of offering free drinks or tickets to shows, online casinos offer players cash-match bonuses and free spins. After all, how else are they going to reward players for spending time at their establishment?

Casino bonuses are just one way in which players are looked after at online casinos. Most casual players don’t know this but all top-rated online casinos offer a loyalty and VIP program. In fact, players are automatically entered into some form of loyalty program as soon as they sign up. Before we go into what this entails, we have to make a distinction between the two types of programs.

Loyalty programs are often lesser versions of the VIP program and are aimed at a completely different type of clientele. In some cases, VIP programs are blended into a single loyalty program with various tiers that start off the moment you sign up.

Basic Loyalty Programs

But for now, let’s focus on the regular online casino loyalty program. As the name suggests, this is a loyalty scheme that rewards players for frequenting the casino more often. In New Zealand and most European online casinos, players are automatically entered into the loyalty program from the moment they make their first casino deposit. Usually, the program works on a point system where players earn points every time they make a wager or make another casino deposit into their account.

The casino loyalty program is designed for the average player who goes online every now and then to play a few rounds at the casino table or spend a bit of time with their favourite slot game. The bulk of players at the casino will make reasonably frequent deposits of small amounts. To encourage players to deposit more often, the casino will reward you with comp points every time you do so. In some cases, you will even be rewarded with a cash-match bonus for deposits over a certain cash limit.

Earning Comp Points

These comp points that players can earn are not to be taken lightly. In fact, they can be very useful for converting into gaming credits or holding onto them to progress into the VIP status. Now we can take a look at VIP programs. Many online casinos combine their loyalty program into a tier-based VIP program. This means that players who sign up will start at the bottom tier and slowly work their way up depending on how much they deposit and how often they play online.

Casino VIP Programs

VIP programs were designed to reward high rollers and those players who spend a lot of money at the casino and like to make big deposits. Obviously the casino doesn’t want them to take their money anywhere else, so they offer them a specialised VIP reward scheme where they can earn points and be rewarded for their dedication.

The tier system works well with online casinos. In most cases, online casinos will have a 3 or 4 tier system with Bronze, silver, Gold and Platinum pyramid. Every time a player makes a deposit or makes a large enough wager, they will earn points to climb the ladder to the next tier. A lot of the time, players have to maintain their points over a certain period of time before they expire. What this comes down to is that to be a VIP, players have to play regularly, bet regularly and bet big.

VIP Rewards

For those lucky players who get to the top of the ladder to either the gold of platinum tier, the rewards can be extremely beneficial. For starters, these players are given the ability to make instant deposits and cashouts no matter what type of banking option they choose. The online casino simply waivers their transaction fee and processing time to speed up the entire process.

VIP members also get preferential deposit and cashout limits. Specifically with cashouts, most online casinos have a certain capped limit. If you are a high enough VIP member, this limit is significantly higher and in some cases, does not exist at all. When playing casino games, the same courtesy is extended to the table limits. VIP members can make larger bets on any game whenever they want.

VIP members get preferential rates when they convert their comp points and cash-match bonuses on deposits over a certain amount. To add to this VIP members are offered free entry into slot tournaments, monthly sweepstakes and sometimes free entry into poker tournaments with a guaranteed jackpot prize. Some VIP programs even offer a dedicated account manager for players who sit on their top tier. The account manager will be responsible for funding, managing and cashing out the player’s winnings in whatever way they request.