Playthrough Online Casino Bonus Tips

Playthrough Requirements are attached to most No Deposit, Welcome and other bonuses at online casinos. Our online casino bonus tips are here to help you make the most of any rewards, and always ensure that you meet these requirements with ease.

Also known as Wagering Requirements, Playthroughs stipulate how many times you need to bet a bonus amount before you are allowed to withdraw it. For example, requirements of x35 on NZ$100 mean you need to bet NZ$3500 before you can cash out that NZ$100.

Playthrough Requirements can be a little discouraging, but they're probably here to stay. Learn how to manage them successfully with our casino tips.

A Necessary Invention

In the past, online casinos would offer generous promotions and special deals without any strings attached, and some players abused the system. They'd register an account, claim their free funds, and then withdraw them and disappear without spending any money.

To prevent the losses they were incurring, operators introduced Wagering Requirements. These are especially important for Welcome Bonuses, since the likeliest time for gamblers to take their cash and disappear was just after they'd signed up.

A valuable casino tip to remember is that the bets of most games will contribute to fulfilling Wagering Requirements, but the amount they can contribute varies. For example, your total pokies stake can usually go to the Playthrough but Blackjack typically only allows contributions of 10%. In other words, if you wager NZ$100 on a Blackjack game only NZ$10 will be put towards meeting the Requirements.

Recommended Games

One of the biggest online casino bonus tips we can give you with regard to Playthroughs is which games you should play to fulfil them the fastest. Remember, if you try to cash out before you've met the Wagering Requirements you will be denied. Your reward amount and winnings could also be cancelled when you are allowed to make a withdrawal.

In other words, it makes sense to complete the Playthroughs as quickly as possible! The best games to do this with are usually pokies. Check the conditions carefully to see how much each type of game will allow you to contribute to the Requirements. That's another of our casino tips; always read the Terms and Conditions. They'll tell you how long you have to finish the Requirements, how much each game counts, and lots of other important information.

Sticky vs. Non-Sticky Bonuses

Another of our favourite online casino bonus tips is to decide if you want a sticky or a non-sticky reward. Both types can only be accessed once you've fulfilled all wagering requirements, but the sticky ones must be used on the same site for additional betting. Non-sticky bonuses, on the other hand, can be used for bets or withdrawn as cash.

Decide whether you want free funds to try out new strategies and have fun without any risk, or whether you want to bet, win and withdraw real money. Once you know this, you can choose whether to claim sticky or non-sticky rewards and choose your casino accordingly.

Forfeiting Bonuses

Suggesting that you forfeit your extra funds might seem strange on a page that is full of casino tips, but this is sometimes the best option. If you don't satisfy the Wagering Requirements you won't get any money back, so if you're unlikely to meet them it's better to forfeit. The other advantage of playing without requirements is that it's simpler to manage and keep track of your funds.

Of course, the disadvantages to forfeiting are that you won't be able to play for as long or to bet as big, especially if you give up your Welcome Bonuses. Ultimately, you need to ask yourself if you're disciplined enough to use your rewards properly and not get so carried away with wagers that you lose all your extra credits. The last of our casino bonus tips is to play in the way that's right for you!