How To Play Keno

A regular offering in land-based gaming lounges and a firm favourite online, Keno offers action that’s easy to enjoy, enticing, and potentially rewarding. The lottery-style game is available at most recommended sites, and this is where you can find out all about how to play Keno.

As you might have guessed from the lottery reference, playing the game’s really all about selecting numbers that could prove to be very lucky indeed. Unlike the lotto, however, there’s no need to wait for a weekly or bi-weekly draw to get the result. When you play NZ Keno online, the results are produced instantly, which means waiting a few seconds before finding out if you won.

A Glance At Game History

Although the exact origins of Keno are a little murky, we know that the game was created in ancient China. According to some historians, the game, which at the time was played using Chinese pictograms rather than numbers, was used for fundraising when the Great Wall of China was built. The authorities thought that offering a game to the people was a better option than another tax hike!

That story may be a myth, as there’s no record of Chinese lottery games before the first lottery licenses were awarded by the then-Portuguese government of Macau in the 1840s.

In the 1800s, Chinese emigrants took the game with them when they travelled to the United States. More and more people learned how to play Keno, and it grew in popularity. By 1866, it was one of the most popular games in Texas. It was only natural for operators to include Keno as an offering in the casinos of the early 20th century, and for leading game studios to create stunning versions of NZ Keno online in the mind-90s and later. What’s more, the best developers haven’t stopped producing new titles in the genre, which means you have an array of titles to choose from, and you know you’ve got exciting new things to look forward to.

How To Start A Game Of Keno

If you want to learn how to play Keno at the best online casinos for Kiwis, you need to know how to start a game – and the good news is that the process is wonderfully uncomplicated. Start by logging into your account at your favourite online casino, and then search for Keno on the games page. Launch the most appealing variation by clicking or tapping it, and then use the buttons on the interface to set the value of your bets.

When you’ve done that, take a look at the grid of numbers between 1 and 80. You can choose between 1 and 15 numbers from the grid in most versions of NZ Keno online, although some will let you select as many as 20 numbers. When you’ve made your selection, submit your ticket by selecting the play button, and watch the results come rolling in. The more matching numbers you see, the more you win.

Types Of Bets

Another aspect of learning how to play Keno is finding out about the most common bets offered in games. They include:

Straight bets – The most common of all Keno bets is when you pick numbers for your ticket, as described above.

Odd/Even Bets – Bets that are based on whether more odd-numbered or even-numbered results will be drawn are known as odd or even bets.

Top/Bottom Bets – When you select most of your numbers from the top 40 digits on the grid, you’re placing a top bet. If you select most of your numbers from the bottom 40 digits, you’re placing a bottom bet.

Combination Bets – Combination bets include a regular selection of numbers as well as a combination of 2 or 4 numbers. If that combination is included in the results, you will win a bonus payout. Not all games offer combination bets.

Keno Ball Combinations/Strategy

If you search for NZ Keno online strategy, winning ball combinations, and related topics, you’ll get an unbelievable amount of search results. Unfortunately, most of what those articles have to say is utter nonsense. Your best option is to place small to medium-size bets, and to have fun – and the reason for this is that the results are produced by certified random number generators, and no strategy can get the better of them.

That said, you can improve your chances of seeing your selected numbers appearing among the results if you submit a ticket with 11 numbers. The reason for this is that tickets with between 7 and 11 numbers need 3 matches to break even – and your chances of seeing those matches are better when you submit 11 numbers instead of 7.

Where To Play Keno

Learning how to play Keno is not complete without learning where to play the game, as not all New Zealand online casinos are created equal. Choose only sites that have a valid license, are regulated thoroughly, and are powered by cutting-edge software.

We recommend JackpotCity Casino, a brand that has welcomed players since 1998. There, you’ll find top-quality gaming and thrilling chances to win.