Online Baccarat

Once upon a time, before we enjoyed the ease of access online Baccarat now provides, this game was limited to high rollers and members of the aristocracy only. Opinions are still divided as to where it actually originated, with some experts saying France and others Italy, but wherever it came from, New Zealand players are having a blast at the table nowadays! Baccarat, pokies, Craps and more are all on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and letting Lady Luck decide your fate has never been so much fun.

Top Baccarat Casinos in NZ

How to Play

Even players who can generally be found playing online pokies enjoy online Baccarat, and it offers a wonderful change of pace if you’ve never tried it before!

Generally, the game will play out between 2 hands, called the Banker and the Player, and there are only 3 possible outcomes, the Banker winning, the Player taking the pot, or a Tie occurring. Bear in mind too that the hands are the Banker and the Player in name only, and neither you nor the house has any influence on what happens to them. Similarly to pokies, casinos offering this game have no say in what will happen as the action unfolds, as it depends utterly on chance.

Get Betting

The winning hand in online Baccarat is the one with a card total closest to 9 points. Ace through to 9 will be taken at face value, and the 10, Jack, Queen, and King are worth 10 points each. What’s more, if the total card value goes into double digits, with the Banker ending up with the 2 of Spades and the 8 of Hearts, for example, giving an 11-point total, the left-hand digit drops away, so the hand is worth 1 point instead.

A winning bet on a Tie outcome for your online Baccarat game will generally pay out at 8:1, and if a Tie happens but no wager was placed on this result, bets will be returned. Winning wagers on the Banker’s hand have an even-money payout, minus a 5% commission which goes to the house, and successful stakes on the Player’s hand offer the same returns and no commission is payable.

As you can see, this title is as simple to enjoy as most online pokies are, and the rewards can be considerable, depending on what Fate has lined up for you on any particular day!

Strategy, Hints, and Tips

Baccarat, pokies, and other entertainment like Keno don’t depend on a player knowing and being able to apply complicated strategies, and you’ll be able to enjoy it no matter what your level of experience. As is the case with pokies, casinos have made sure that anybody can have fun with this title thanks to free games being widely offered for those still learning, too, so be sure and practice as much as you need to before you start betting real money.

Some players find betting systems very helpful when they’re playing online Baccarat, with a popular option being the Martingale. This will see you doubling the amount you’ve staked each time you lose and dropping down to the original amount you bet every time you win. As helpful as this system can be, it can clean you out quite quickly too, so approach with caution!

Make sure you have a bankroll management system in place before you enjoy online Baccarat or any other game, too, of course. Although losing is a natural part of gambling, and what makes winning so much fun, you need to have steps in place to ensure that you never get to a point where you’re gambling money you can’t afford to lose. Choose your budget and then find a way to play that allows you to easily stay within the limits you’ve set and you’ll find yourself being able to have fun whether you strike it rich or go home empty-handed!