No Deposit Bonus Tips

Every casino offers a variety of promotions and bonuses, designed to give you a more satisfying and fulfilling casino experience. Casino advisors, however, note that many players don't fully understand the bonus options or how to optimize their use. Using a no deposit bonus involves more than collecting bonus points and credits. You'll be able to maximize your bonus promotions with these no deposit bonus tips.

What are No Deposit Bonuses?

The online casino of New Zealand offers multiple bonuses which are designed to ensure that you'll be able to fully experience everything that the casino has to offer. There are multiple bonus options including a Welcome Bonus for new players, Loyalty Points for veteran gamers, seasonal and monthly promotional activities for everyone and more These promotions are offered to all gamers, regardless of their gaming platform.

Casino consultants remind players that, in order to enjoy these real money bonus giveaways, they should carefully read the promotions page of the website and proceed accordingly.

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How to Get Casino Bonuses

As you research how to get casino bonuses, you might want to check out multiple NZ online casino venues. Each casino offers its own bonus options with options that expand beyond the traditional refer-a-friend bonus and no deposit bonus codes that are linked to your casino account when you play new games.

This is important because of the more bonus options a casino offers, the more cash prizes you can collect. So take a couple of minutes before your casino event to research the various bonuses offered by the casino sites.

To collect your bonus, you must meet the requirements that the casino places on accessing each bonus. For instance, to collect the Welcome Bonus you must make your initial deposits within your first week of casino gambling. It would be silly to sign up for a casino account and then let that account sit, unused, for more than a week. You will have lost your Welcome Bonus along with hundreds of dollars in casino giveaway credits, cash and prizes. By reading up on the bonus options ahead of time you'll know that in order to collect your Welcome Bonus you must start playing immediately right after you've opened your casino account and if you want to take a break you can do so after your first week.

How to Claim Bonus Credits and Points

Information about how to claim bonus credits and points is also featured on the casino's promotions page. In general, the casino will automatically credit your account with all earned bonuses, so you don't have to do anything special. Just go ahead and play your games. Keep your eye on the Win Box where your accumulated bonus points and credits will be tallied.

If you're playing in a special monthly or seasonal contest, the casino might feature a special page for that specific promotion on which your accumulated promotional prizes will be featured. Again, each casino and each promotion are individual so it's important to take a moment to prepare for the bonus promotion and read about it before you join.

Casino Bonus Tips

In addition to advising casino players to educate themselves about the casino tips BEFORE they start playing, casino advisors offer other casino bonus tips which are designed to offer a more enriching casino experience to new players and veteran gamers alike.

Some of these include:

  • Choose lucrative bonuses. These bonuses give you more rewards for your gaming budget. If you find a particularly lucrative no deposit bonus you may succeed in earning significant payouts for little or no deposit requirements.
  • Work your way up through your betting strategy. Don't start out by betting high, just so that you can collect the highest number of bonus credits or points. Begin each game with a low bet and move up from there. This has the effect of calming the waters so if you see that you're on a losing streak, it will be easier for you to cut your losses and move on to the next game, rather than continue to put good money after bad in a losing proposition.
  • Some games are great for people who want to play high-stakes games while others are suitable for players who wish to play for low stakes. There are games that are preferable for beginning players and others for veteran gamers. Some games are good choices for strategists while others are good choices for players who just want a game of luck. Consider the kind of player that you are and how you enjoy playing. Then proceed accordingly. Don't play a game, or choose a bonus, based on what you're "supposed to do." If you play a game that's not right for you, you won't win. It's as simple as that.
  • Don't play a game just to access the bonus. If you're the adventurous type, by all means, go ahead and play new games and access the new games bonus codes. But if new games make you nervous and you're not confident when you play those games, leave the new games – and the new game bonus – and go back to the games that you prefer.

Same with the Loyalty Points bonuses. Different numbers of Loyalty Points are offered for different games. Even though you might earn more Loyalty Points by playing slot machines, it makes no sense to go for the slots if your true preference is a "lower loyalty point" lottery. You simply won't perform as well, playing a game that you don't like, regardless of the bonuses that you'd receive from such a game. So play more of a game that you enjoy rather than less of a game that you don't enjoy, to end up with the same bonus total.

Always practice your games in the Free Mode for free before you enter the Real Mode to place for real money. You can't practice the bonuses in the Free Mode but you can become proficient at your game which allows you the freedom to experiment with the bonuses as you play for real money prizes.

The Bonus options often confuse new players. But if you review the No Deposit Bonus Tips you'll be prepared for all casino bonus events.