No Deposit Casino Bonuses NZ

You'll enjoy significant rewards when you play at the NZ online casino with no deposit casino bonuses NZ points, credits, free spins and casino cash giveaways. The NZ online casino wants to make your casino adventure as satisfying as possible and to that end, it adds multiple types of promotional gifts to your regular cash prize wins.

The no deposit bonus packages are available for players gambling on any PC or mobile device and playing any preferred online casino games. Simply sign into your personal account on your PC or mobile screen and enjoy your favourite game competitions. The no deposit bonus casino NZ giveaways will be applied to your account so you can use them at your leisure.


When the first casinos were established in the 1800s there was no need to offer bonus gifts. Players came from the upper levels of society and were interested in simply playing in a competitive environment as they socialized among their peers.

When Las Vegas developers began to build their casinos they found fierce competition between the various casino sites. Each casino began to offer bonus packages that would draw gamers into their casino venue. Casinos handed out bonus packages ranging from game points and meal tickets to reduced entry fees to the casino performances and discounts on hotel stays at the casino hotels.

This was the beginning of casino bonus giveaways and now gamers have come to anticipate these special gifts. Players know that, upon entry to the casino, they apply for their Rewards Programme Card and then accrue points through their gambling activities. These points will bring them special deals on many of the casino amenities that enhance the entire gaming experience.

Online Bonuses

When the online casinos started to operate in the 1990s they wanted to offer bonus packages to their players but many of the rewards that are offered at land-based casinos wouldn't be applicable to online venues. Therefore the online casinos developed their own bonus programmes which, in effect, distribute the bonuses in a way that allow the players to achieve bigger and better cash payouts.

Over the years, the online casinos developed different types of no deposit bonuses that would add to players' casino entertainment while giving them opportunities to realize added cash prizes. There is no deposit casino NZ bonuses for beginning and advanced players, for high-rollers and low-betting level players and for gamers who are looking for technologically-advanced pokies or a classic casino game.

The Microgaming, free no deposit bonus casino NZ has developed no deposit casino bonuses Microgaming that is added on to your regular gambling activities. You play your games as you normally would while your account credits you with bonus gifts. Some of those gifts are for immediate access while others are cumulative, to be used when you've achieved a pre-determined level. There are bonuses that are applicable to specific games and others to individuals who play at a set level.

The best way to ascertain for which online casino NZ bonus you will be eligible is to read the casino reviews, check out the promotions page at the casino's website and compare and contrast the various no deposit casino NZ sites and their giveaway packages.

Royal Slots

NZ$1000 Welcome Bonus

Royal Vegas

NZ$1200 Welcome Bonus


Get NZ$5000 Welcome Bonus

Jackpot City

Get NZ$1600 Welcome Bonus

River Belle

$800 Welcome Bonus


$250 Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins

Woo Casino

$/€200 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free spins

Vegas Baby

$750 Welcome Bonus

Cobra Casino

$1050 Welcome Bonus + 300 Free Spins

 Arcane Bet

$600 Welcome Bonus

Casino Bonus Options

The NZ online casino offers multiple bonuses. Some of the most generous of these bonuses include:

  1. New Player Bonus – the new player bonus is awarded to new players who can use the Welcome Bonus credits during their first week of casino play. These bonuses vary – some are valued at hundreds of dollars while others are valued at thousands of dollars. New gamers are invited to review the new player bonus details on each casino's promotions page to determine which new player bonus offers the best match bonus credits. In addition to matching the new player's first week's deposits, many casinos also offer free spins on specific pokies and free casino cash.
  2. VIP Bonuses – the VIP bonuses are presented to VIP gamers who place high deposits and wish to gamble in a VIP casino environment with other like-minded gamblers. VIP players receive personalized assistance, access to special events and competitions and other bonus gifts.
  3. Loyalty Points – players receive Loyalty Points on their games, with more Loyalty Points presented based on the games played and the level of wagers deposited. Loyalty Points accrue over time, giving the player the opportunity to "save up" for valuable gifts and other casino swag. Some of the lower-level gifts include cashback deals, match bonus points, free spins and higher deposit and withdrawal points. Gamers who really save their points can look forward to trading them in for vacation packages, cruises and luxury gifts. Different numbers of points are awarded for different games, with pokies offering the highest number of points per credit -- one point per credit deposited.
  4. New Game Bonuses – many casinos want players to try out their newest games and therefore, they offer new game bonuses in which you can achieve extra free spins when you play a new game.
  5. Seasonal Bonuses – at different seasons you'll find seasonal bonuses that spice up the time of year with seasonal-themed bonus draws and contests. Look for these bonuses because they're generally open to everyone and offer an opportunity for everyone to win something.
  6. Progressive Bonuses – many of the casino games offer progressive bonuses as part of a progressive jackpot game. A progressive jackpot game gives you the opportunity to join your machine to the machines of other participating players from around the world. Everyone adds a progressive jackpot and when one participating player triggers the jackpot, he wins the entire prizes. Progressive jackpot prizes can be valued at tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars – even millions!
  7. Tournaments – Tournaments offer a great way to add to your regular game entertainment. You can join a Sit and Go tournament that starts whenever a pre-determined number of players has gathered to compete or a Scheduled Tournament that starts on a pre-determined day and time. Gamers from around the world play these tournaments for big tournament prizes.

Take advantage of the no deposit casino bonuses NZ to achieve extra casino cash, casino points, credits and free spins and go home from your gaming event with extra cash payouts.