MasterCard Online Casino Depositing

For anyone who regularly plays pokies for real money, online casino depositing is an important part of the process. If you want to have an enjoyable gambling experience, you are going to want to find a banking method that is fast, safe, easy to use and suits your lifestyle. This is why MasterCard is the ideal choice.

While web-wallets and prepaid cards certainly add a layer of security, they require the extra effort of signing up with a separate account, buying vouchers or transferring funds before you can actually use them as intended. Online MasterCard depositing requires none of this extra effort, and is a simple and fast way to move fund around safely.

The Easy and Safe Way to Pay

MasterCard depositing is far easier and more convenient than any other type of payment facility in New Zealand. Processing a payment is as easy as typing in your card number and approving the transaction.

All top-rated Internet gambling establishments in New Zealand and around the world accept MasterCard. In fact, it is usually listed as the first choice of many casinos, and was one of the first in the iGaming industry to accept transactions for real money play.

For those who are worried about the safety factor when online casino depositing, credit cards have come a long way in recent years. Today’s cards are all chipped and pinned, and are equipped with SecureCode. This is the payment mechanism’s 3D security feature that allows only the owner to approve transactions. Even if fraudsters get hold of your information, they cannot approve a transaction without your password or one-time-pin.

Making a Casino Deposit

Online MasterCard depositing is as simple as it gets. When you are ready to play for real money at a casino, simply head to the cashier section and click or tap on the relevant tab. You will then be prompted to insert your information. Type in your card number, your CVV (the 3 digit number on the back of the card) and the amount you want to transfer. SecureCode will then ask for your authorisation, which, once approved will transfer your funds straight away. Your account will then reflect the full amount within a matter of minutes.

Cashing Out with MasterCard

Most real money gaming sites prefer players to use the same method for online casino depositing and cashing out. The good news is that you can use MasterCard for both. While it was not always the case, the majority of establishments now offer credit card withdrawals.

To make a withdrawal, head back to the cashier section, click on withdrawals and fill in your card information. Decide how much you want to withdraw and complete the required steps. Since the payment has to be processed by your financial institution first, you might have to wait up to 48 hours or longer for the funds to reflect in your credit card account.

Get Rewarded for Playing Online

MasterCard depositing has more benefits than just convenience and safety. For starters, you can use your monthly credit card bill to keep tabs on your spending. This will give you an indication of how often you make payments at different casinos.

Another great benefit is earning rewards every time you use your card. Depending on your financial institution, most cards are linked to some sort of rewards program. When you swipe your card or use it online, you earn points toward your program.

If you are going to be playing real money pokies, you might as well be rewarded in more ways than one. Simply by choosing a safe, secure and trusted banking method for online casino depositing, you can reap rich rewards!